We are London Playback Theatre, creating spontaneous, improvised theatre through a unique collaboration between performers and audience.

We encourage people to share their real life stories and - through the magic of theatre - we bring those stories to life.

Incredibly dynamic, empowering and enjoyable
— Itesh Sachdev, Professor of Language and Communication, SOAS

what is playback theatre?

Playback Theatre is a unique form of improvisational theatre in which audience members volunteer stories from their lives and see them played back on the spot. It involves a team of actors, a musician and a conductor who guide you safely through the process of sharing, watching and reflecting on stories that resonate for you in that particular moment.

Where can I see it?

London Playback Theatre hosts regular public performances in different community and theatre spaces across London. Each time we explore a theme, and invite stories on that theme.

Can i hire you?

Yes, you can! We offer performances tailor-made to your event, conference or away day, and follow-up workshops to facilitate deeper exploration into the themes and ideas that emerge during the performance.

Immeasurably moving - still reverberates more than a year later.
— Jay Miller, client

Photography by Elena Santos - elenasantos.webcindario.com