company History

Originally founded in 1991, London Playback Theatre holds a rich history of collective experience, and is now home to a team of multi-cultural, professional theatre practitioners, consultants, educators and therapists.

Melbourne-born Julie Lacy founded the original London Playback Company in 1991. Remarkably, two other Playback groups established in the UK around the same time, in Manchester (by Di Adderley - influenced by Francis Batten) and in York (by David Powley - influenced by Christina Hagelthorn).

After groundbreaking work, the original London Playback retired in 1998. Two of its members, Veronica Needa and Anna Chesner, went on to establish another playback company - Playback AME - alongside the School of Playback Theatre UK, which delivers core and specialist training to playback beginners and advanced practitioners, and mentoring to other playback groups.

In 2007, Playback AME became the new London Playback Theatre Company. Now in its second incarnation, London Playback Theatre offers regular public playback performances, mentors playback trainees, and is commissioned by clients in the private, public and third sectors for tailored programmes and performances.