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Are you looking for a fresh way to develop your team, engage your service-users, or reflect on your vision and values?

Hire our professional team for performances, workshops and development programmes tailored to your needs. Whether a conference, away day, training event, process group, festival or celebration, our unique approach brings lasting creativity and connection.

The team has mastered the skills of perception, deep listening, intuition, and creative expression.
— course participant
“The way you were able to attune to the stories and take it further through your acting is just beyond words.”


Playback Theatre offers an immediate, spontaneous and creative performance presentation. We play your stories, enabling shared interests and themes to emerge - a basis for increased understanding, greater insight and stronger connection between everyone present. Find out more about playback performances here.

We perform at conferences, away days, training, festivals and celebration, providing a fresh approach to debate, problem-solving, team-building, and group reflection.

The way you attune to the stories is just beyond words.
— Audience Member


Post-performance workshops offer more time to explore themes and ideas that have emerged in the performance. London Playback team members are skilled in creative facilitation, and we offer playback-based structures to support deeper discussion and sharing.

Examples from previous workshops include: strengthening teams, diversity and difference, managing conflict, deeper listening and communication skills, enhancing spontaneity and creativity.

Playback Theatre expands the individual perspective and strengthens connections.
— Course participant

professional & personal development

People who have experienced a Playback Theatre performance are often keen to try it out for themselves. The skills required for Playback Theatre are life enhancing – spontaneity, deep listening and creative communication. These qualities are directly transferable and make a dynamic and authentic contribution to the life of your workplace or organisation. We can work with you on how best to integrate this highly constructive approach to exploring difficult everyday issues, challenges and policies.