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Moving on & staying put Friday 20 September 2019

7:30pm, Essex Church, Notting Hill

How often have we been caught in a situation when moving on is in our best interest, but we stay anyway?

Or when staying put would be life-enhancing in the longer term, but it feels easier to walk away?

Join us for another powerful evening of playback, and bring your stories of moving on and staying put. Everyone is welcome to stay afterwards for tea, refreshment and a chat or three!

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112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill, W8 4RT


Transitions Friday 15th november 2019

7:30pm, Essex Church, Notting Hill

The process of change...what has this been like for you?

We often see the 'Before' and 'After'. This evening of playback theatre explores what happens in between!

We welcome you to join us and bring your stories of Transitions you have been through, or are going through. Please stay afterwards to continue sharing, connecting, and drinking tea.

What is Playback? Find out here.

112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill, W8 4RT

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FRIDAY 21 JUne 2019

Essex Unitarian Church

The solstice brought stories of making space for ourselves - to grieve, recover, grow, flourish - in the face of difficult circumstances.

We shared a rich pool of survival resources with each other - compelling books, strong trees, ancient stones, supportive friends, dance classes, faith, Capoeira, memories of loved ones, and opening to the magic of each moment.

Thank you to everyone who came, for the stories shared, and the stories yet to be shared!


this is me: my journey Thursday 13 June 2019

St Clement Church, Notting Dale

We are very grateful to the community of the ClementJames Centre for the powerful stories they shared along the theme of This is Me: My Journey.

It was a privilege to perform stories of journeys of body, heart and mind, and to see how courage in the face of adversity was present in each one.

We loved connecting with the community over tea afterwards, where many more stories and hugs were shared.

“Magical!” - Audience member


RELATING & relationships

friday 17 May 2019

Essex Unitarian Church

A heartfelt thank you to our vibrant, international audience for the breadth and depth of their stories. From our relationships to the planet, politics, society, national identity and technology, to our relationships with home, friends, family and ourselves, we explored the joys and challenges of connection.

Story-sharing continued late into the evening, warm, animated and cake-fueled.

A wonderfully heartwarming evening of connection and affirmation, thank you!” - Audience Member

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Photography by Elena Santos - elenasantos.webcindario.com