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this is me: my journey Thursday 13 June 2019

3:30pm, St Clement Church, Notting Hill

Free Event - no booking required

Join us for a special performance to celebrate Creativity & Wellbeing Week.

As part of The ClementJames Centre’s event This is Me, we invite you to bring and share your stories of what makes you you.

Our friendly Playback team will guide you through the process of sharing, and offer your stories back to you through the magic of theatre.

The event is open to all, and we welcome you to stay afterwards to continue connecting with us.

What is Playback? Find out here.

Treadgold St, Notting Hill, London W11 4BP


workshop: A taste of playback theatre Monday 17 June 2019

6:45-9pm, Essex Church, Notting Hill

This workshop is a chance to 'have a go' and learn about Playback Theatre in a safe and guided experience.

The evening is hosted by the School of Playback Theatre UK and run by members of London Playback Theatre.

You are welcome to bring something to share as a snack during our breaktime. Teas and coffees etc. will be available.

What is Playback? Find out here.

112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill, London, W8 4RT



FRIDAY 21 JUne 2019

7:30pm, Essex Church, Notting Hill

As humans, we have the extraordinary capacity to move between modes of surviving and times of thriving.

When have you had to survive, to just push on through?

What has helped you to grow, to create, to flourish?

And what happens when you shift from one mode to another?

Join us for another powerful evening of playback, and bring your stories of survival and growth. Everyone is welcome to stay afterwards for tea, refreshment and a chat or three.

What is Playback? Find out here.

112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill, London, W8 4RT

recent shows


RELATING & relationships

friday 17 May 2019

Essex Unitarian Church

A heartfelt thank you to our vibrant, international audience for the breadth and depth of their stories. From our relationships to the planet, politics, society, national identity and technology, to our relationships with home, friends, family and ourselves, we explored the joys and challenges of connection.

Story-sharing continued late into the evening, warm, animated and cake-fueled.

A wonderfully heartwarming evening of connection and affirmation, thank you!” - Audience Member



friday 18 january 2019

Essex Unitarian Church

A warm and lively crowd came to share their stories of wrestling with choices - moving overseas, online dating, changing careers, connecting with people we find difficult - and journeying towards a stronger sense of agency in our lives.

The buzz continued as we all nattered late into the evening, friends and strangers connecting over tea and the shared experience of Playback.

“I’m amazed at how you worked as a team - like some kind of symbiotic unit!” - Audience Member


witches and bitches

tuesday 13 november 2018

New Diorama Theatre

From feminism to shamanism, coincidences to covens, our evening of witches and bitches brought tales seeped in the search for meaning in the mysterious, and magic in the mundane.

Our thanks to all who came, and to all the witches, bitches and allies out there who make everyday magic in a tricky world.

“Last night you offered a special place for people to share things that are rarely spoken about. It was very tender and funny and moving.” - Audience Member

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Photography by Elena Santos - elenasantos.webcindario.com